What is Architecture? Find out all about the career here!

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What is Architecture? Find out all about the career here!

What is Architecture? Find out all about the career here!

Etymologically, the term "architecture" comes from the junction of the Greek words "arché", which means "first" or "main", and tékton, which has the meaning of "construction”.

In form it is possible to define architecture as an intervention in the environment to satisfy a certain expectation, in form to create new spaces, and with the intention of working with aesthetic elements.

It can also be said that architecture is a form of visual art, which intends to create constructions in a given space.

1- What is Architecture – How did Architecture come about:



Architecture is the art of ramp up, which satisfies your human's basic need, which is shelter.

THE Architecture must be of the highest design quality.

It provides, in the words of Marcus Vitruvius, the great Roman architect and historian: “firmness, comfort and delight”.

It provides a sense of place and a kind of support for all kinds of human activity.

It is a man-made adjustment tool in harmony with the environment, promoting health and well-being, enriching lives aesthetically and spiritually.

Providing economic opportunities and creating a legacy that reflects and symbolizes culture and traditions.

In the 1st century BC, the Roman architect Vitruvius created the architectural treatise.

The work is divided into 10 books on urbanism and architecture in general; he talks about materials construction, a construction temples, public and private buildings, clocks, hydraulics, civil and military engines.

His work was used as a classic book from ancient Roman times to the Renaissance.

Firmness refers to structural integrity and durability; commodity refers to spatial functionality or in other words, “serving its purpose” and fulfilling the function for which the building was built;

Delight means that the building is not only aesthetically and visually pleasing, but also lifts the spirits and stimulates the senses.

There is a very nice definition about Steven Holl, described below.

2- What is Architecture – Sten Holl

What is Architecture? Find out all about the career here!

STEVEN HOLL é o arquiteto principal da Steven Holl Arquitetos.

Considerado um dos Arquitetos mais importantes da América, ele é reconhecido por sua capacidade de misturar espaço e luz com grande sensibilidade contextual

And still being able to use the unique qualities of each project to create a oriented design concept.

He specializes in seamlessly integrating new projects into contexts of particular cultural and historical importance.

Steven Holl was recognized with the most prestigious awards in architecture, iincluding the AIA 2012 gold medal.

É um professor titular na Escola de Graduação da University de Columbia de Arquitetura e Planejamento.

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See his analysis on the topic, where he translates it into a single expression:

From abstract to real:

Enquanto os artistas trabalham do real ao abstrato, os Arquitetos devem trabalhar do abstrato ao real.

While art can legitimize itself as a object or an event, architecture dissolves into a tangle of buildings.

Architecture, for all its limitations of engineering safety, function, climate responsibility and economics, sometimes transcends to inspire us with ideas in space and light-qualities achieved in the field of the abstract.


About usability:

What is Architecture? Find out all about the career here!
What is Architecture? Find out all about the career here!

Some artists qualify the difference between architecture and art as “usability” versus “the lack of usability”.

Let’s take an example: What is the “usability” of the song if not to stir the spirit?

Equally a “function” of architecture is to inspire a construction of light space energy.

In other words, its highest idea of usability is to move and think deeply.


What is Architecture? Find out all about the career here!
What is Architecture? Find out all about the career here!

The volumes of architecture, connected in a path of overlapping perspectives, surround us like song.

Space is “listened to” with a step forward, a twist of the body, a tilt of the head.

A wash of light dissolving in perspective throws the body forward, from foreground to middle ground and forward, like a distant vision that becomes the new foreground. Interior and exterior converge.

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Drawing us from one place to another… architecture is also the art of space.


What is Architecture? Find out all about the career here!
What is Architecture? Find out all about the career here!

An constructions of architecture has an idea – an organic link between concept and form.

This idea is a wire hidden object that connects different parts with exact purpose.

Parts cannot be subtracted or added without changing fundamental properties.

The phenomena of space, light, material/detailing – as others understand – convey the art, whether or not the organizing idea is fully understood.

3- Other definitions:

Encontrei uma série de definições para o que é Boa Arquitetura de vários Arquitetos famosos, seguem algumas delas:

Pier Vittorio Aureli

The architecture can only be defined by talking about its creation:

It is good when it manifests itself by making room for something else.

The relationship with power has always been a condition for the realization of architecture.

Rather than trying to make life better, architecture therefore has to become “destructive”.

Architecture is always literally destructive, but it also has to be figuratively destructive, not cherishing illusions about itself and showing it explicitly.

Only then can architecture claim what Walter Benjamin called its “destructive character” and cause a liberating break from everything that came before.

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What is Architecture? Find out here!
What is Architecture? Find out here!

Patrick Bouchain

An Architecture close to its inhabitants:

The quality of architecture can be found in the way it can be appropriated by its occupants.

Modern architecture produces shapes dominant forces that suppress the individual expression of their occupants.

She is good when she is around her residents.

Legislation provides a way to assign rights to users of a property.

These residents can be actively involved.

Through ownership principles, residents can be encouraged to work in a livable urban environment.

What is Architecture? Find out here!

What is Architecture? Find out here!

Lucien Kroll

The friendly architecture:

Architect Lucien Kroll makes an argument for a humane approach, grounded in respect for the planet.

Segundo ela, os Arquitetos parecem estar presos em uma abordagem mecanizada para a sociedade.

Relations between the inhabitants are not facilitated.

In opposition to this “Fordist” approach, Kroll calls for an architecture that empathizes with human needs, that is open to the participation of residents, and is based on methods of construction de baixa technology.

That manages to restore the balance between the form, human values and a sustainable approach to the planet.  

4- What is Architecture – Definition by Professor Lindomar:

I want to share with you an enlightening and very well written text by Professor Lindomar, published on the Infoescola website (www.infoescola.com) that speaks of form Overview of What is Architecture:

Since the dawn of humanity, people have been building shelters, houses e edifícios para diferentes funções em suas vidas, da necessidade de sobrevivência ao prazer de aliar technology, utilidade e beleza numa construction.

These are aspects such as the “protection” and “appropriation” of a given space that complement each other, forming a kind of kingdom of the human personality before the world.

It is possible to think about construction of one home as being the second skin of a person, as is said of clothing, in relation to the protective function.

In each historical period of our civilization the art of ramp up was molding itself to the habits and customs of those times and spaces, including using the available raw material as a basis, and still, projecting its construction according to the local relief and climate.

Many of these works remain standing, allowing us to explore the peculiarities of the most diverse peoples.

Much of the old buildings that have remained until today are funerary monuments, temples, theaters and palaces.

In them one finds the importance of their families, the grandeur of their gods, the power of their kings or the pleasure of producing art.

5- What is Architecture – The Architectural Party:

What is Architecture? Find out all about the career here!
What is Architecture? Find out all about the career here!

The professional who creates the construction projects is the “architect”.

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Currently to produce a architectural design, there is a series of regulations that cannot be forgotten as a priority.

However, there are people who, even today, build their houses and/or workplace without following certain formalities, which in architecture is called “party”.

The “party” is the formalization of a series of facts that point to the conditions and needs prior to architectural production.

It is necessary to determine the “construction technique” that will be used, to decide which material and human resources will be used, even if there will be a need for a labor force.constructions more sophisticated, in the case of producing a more sophisticated style.

6- What is Architecture – The Architectural Program:

The “physical and topological conditions” of the place where the construction, need to be studied, as well as the “climate” of the region.

Can't be left out of project architectural uses and popular customs that involve future residents or entrepreneurs, this form carrying out the “needs program”.

Finally, it is essential to make project “legal”, supported by specific legislation, social norms, and/or rules of public coexistence.

Among the elements that make up a constructions In architecture, foundations and structures are fundamental components.

The first is formed by large pillars embedded in the ground and on which a building is supported, and the second is a kind of skeleton of the constructions, with its foundations, walls, windows, ceilings, among other elements.

In Brazil we have as an icon of our architecture Lucio Costa and Oscar Niemeyer.

7- Conclusion:

from one form Overall, my perspective on what is architecture goes in parallel with the authors' definitions above.

For me, it is a state of perfect balance between Design and functionality, with a new pillar these days called sustainability.

And when this balance is perfect, we have the whole psychological question as a product of entering a building as its conclusive well-being and then, while walking through it, observes all the rational and logical questions that it must offer according to its proposal.

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