Polo GTS – Ride a ride in Volkswagen's new Polo GTS!

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Polo GTS - Ride a ride on Volkswagen's new Polo GTS!
Polo GTS – Ride a ride in Volkswagen's new Polo GTS

Polo GTS – Ride a ride in Volkswagen's new Polo GTS!

Fulfilling the challenge of launching 20 cars by 2020, we at AArquiteta follow the leader and we are on the tail of Volkswagen, which invited us to participate in the launch party for its new model! The Polo GTS!

Having a model like this in your garage is having more than a car, but having a lifestyle!

And this is the intention of those who want to relive the vibe that the first POLO left on those passionate about the brand!

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Ride the new Polo GTS — Check it out!

About the event:

The event took place on the 22nd and 23rd of January and was attended by top influencers from various areas to get a closer look at what the brand brought new!

The starting point was at Instituto Tomie Ohtake in São Paulo where, as usual, we left in a motorcade towards the Historic Hotel Fazenda Dona Carolina located in Itatiba in SP.

This place where the model was presented to us with great style by its own creator, Designer José Carlos Pavone who told his beautiful trajectory inside Volkswagen!

While showing us the details designed especially for the new POLO GTS.

Details of the Seat, Headlights, Wheels, Steering Wheel, Dashboard… These are just some of the details designed with a lot of historical reference in the brand.

Ride the new Polo GTS - Check it out!
Ride in the new Polo GTS – Check it out!

After duly introduced to the new Volkswagen model! We left the next day for the Vello Citá Speedway located in Mogi Guaçu in SP, where Volkswagen! It took us to accelerate deepoooo one more time!

However, before we get to the bottom of it, Volkswagen's Chief Engineer! José Loureiro showed us all the changes made to the brand's models such as the Polo and the new Virtus.

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Classics on the run:

Also on display were the old crown jewels, the Gol, Passat, Passat Pointer and Gol GTS models, which led us straight back to the cars of our parents and grandparents!

Ride the new Polo GTS - Check it out!
Ride in the new Polo GTS – Check it out!

We participated in competitions where we competed in small groups against each other, which made all the hairs on our heads stand on end!

On the track:

We feel in the skin, the emotion of living a day of Fast and Furious! Needless to say, Mom here won the contest!

With its 1.4 Turbo engine we roar loudly on board the reinterpretation that we are sure will make the head of a lot of fans who lived their good times in the previous model, but now with much more technology!

Multi media system very similar to what we already know from T-cross e o Novo Golf GTE, tela de 8 polegadas (20,32 cm) com compatibilidade com a Apple Car Play e Android Auto, assim os Faróis e lanternas de LED.

And for the most ardent fans, red details as a symbol of sportiness are also found in the driver's cabin, on the diffusers of air conditioning, on the steering wheel and on the topstitched seams of the seats and steering wheel.

Ride in the new Polo GTS – Check it out!

And speaking of the seats, they are brand new, produced partially in leather, they are a reinterpretation of the old models with side support that makes the driver stay locked during curves, It's the car giving you that hug!

And to close with a golden key we ran in the rain!

We took a close look at the new modified suspension set for the version getting thicker sway bars at the front, which have been increased from 20mm to 21mm.

Its 1.4 turbo engine also brought new driving modes, such as Sport that gives us the possibility to control the car more in our own way at the same time, in which you hear all the noise of the engine roaring loudly under acceleration.

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Normal and Eco, which have the option of optimizing fuel use.

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Congratulations Volkswagen! The new POLO left us delighted! We are ready for the next challenge!

Thank you all so much for the opportunity and until next time!

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