How to design a swimming pool -12 Tips for the success of your work!

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Pool Design - 12 Tips on How to Design a Pool! Check out!

Project Pool – 12 Tips on How to Design a Pool! Check out!

In a beautiful and spacious home in the countryside, at the beach or even in the city, when the ground is privileged in terms of space, a beautiful swimming pool is essential to close the Project with a golden key.

However, swimming pool projects require some fundamental care.

So check out the guidelines on how to design a pool, preventing problems:

How to design a swimming pool – Check out 12 Tips for successful construction:

Pool Design - 12 Tips on How to Design a Pool! Check out!
Project Pool – 12 Tips on How to Design a Pool! Check out!

1. Implementation:

Think about the location of the pool inside the ground is the source of a good Project.

As it is the center of attention, it should preferably work together with the leisure area, which in most cases is a barbecue area.

Deploy a good swimming pool so that it is away from or isolated from the construction main or leisure area of a residential building, for example, is a great waste.

One good architecture project unites people, and its main objective is to promote good coexistence between them in a functional and orderly manner.

With the pool it is no different.

2. Solar orientation:

After having studied the location of the pool, it is essential to verify the movement of the Sun.

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In other words, swimming pool projects should never be left in the shade.

It seems obvious, but there are many shaded pools out there, especially in cities where the scarcity of ground makes the main building always privileged.

Give preference to the times when the pool will get more sun throughout the day, such as the morning time.

I explain, in the summer, the pool that receives sun from early on, gradually heats up during the day, which does not happen if it receives sun only in the afternoon.

Everyone likes to have a pool view, but having a pool just to act as a backdrop to the central building is a bit pricey.

Swimming pool was made to be enjoyed, be very careful with this issue.

3. View and altitude:

If the place where the pool will be built is high and still has a beautiful view, there can be two factors: a pro and a against.

The altitude can favor the heat, but it can also happen to be windy and cold.

Try to install your pool where there is less wind current, in case this is a problem for pool users.

Also look for the best view of nature, but avoid getting the pool too close to the vegetation, as proximity can make your pool more often dirty.

4. Machine room:

Every pool requires a home of machines.

Plan and design it with easy access for maintenance, it is essential to keep your pool running smoothly.

Designing pools correctly requires always remembering the technical part too.

5. Recoil:

Always respect the limit of setbacks.

Just because it's a pool doesn't mean it can be built on the edge of your lot.

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Always consult the condominium or town hall bylaws to ensure that the Project is not invading a prohibited building area.

The swimming pool is considered a building, even with a non-computable area, it must respect the limits of construction as well as the main building.

6. Pool shape:

The shape of a pool is free!

You can use and abuse creativity and be inspired by beautiful pools as presented at the end of this article.

However, always use common sense. Remember, the bigger a pool, the higher the maintenance costs.

On the other hand, a small pool also does not allow great movements for the user who likes to swim and/or perform other activities.

Consult the owner and learn more about his leisure options.

How to design a swimming pool – Check out 12 Tips for the success of your work:

7. Level and depth:

Give preference to level pools, that is, without slope, as this can cause accidents.

And for the same reason, if possible, signal the depth of the pool so that the user knows exactly which areas of the pool they can safely access.

Generally, the depth of the pool is 1.40 meters, but this varies according to the city and its building codes.

Swimming pools with greater depths are allowed in very specific cases, consult the city hall.

8 Heating and air conditioning:

If the place where the pool will be installed has little insolation and is still in an altitude region, providing for the installation of infrastructure to heat the water can be a good alternative.

Of course, there will be costs with energy consumption, so opting for solar heating is a good option.

Check all possibilities before running the pool, as once it is ready, it will be a little laborious to install heating equipment.

The costs are higher where there was no forecast of heating.

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At houses of machines must be large enough to store the heating equipment.

The bigger the pool, the greater the need for heating and therefore more equipment for the home of machines. Do not forget!

9. Coverage:

If your customer wants to use the pool all year round, including winter, suggest an indoor heated pool.

Put the costs on paper, consult the city hall and study the feasibility.

10. Showers and saunas:

Next to a good pool there is always a good shower.

Don't forget to meet the user's need to remove chlorine from the body.

And if the client is still a frequent sauna user, it should be located near the showers.

Ahhhh… don't forget the toilets too!

11. Accessibility:

A Prime Factor!

The role of the pool is fun, it cannot be a reason for people to be segregated, it is not nice that while some are playing, others just watch the game.

Those with mobility difficulties can and should also enjoy leisure time with friends and family.

think about accessibility of all: appropriate stairs or even ramps should be designed in order to facilitate access to the pool.

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Consult the Norm!

12. Children's pool:

Children should not, or at least should not, access the deeper area of the pool, especially without an adult present.

Designing a pool with a specific height for them is super important.

How to Design a Swimming Pool – Extra Tips:

1- Types of pool:

Basically, there are three types of materials used in construction of the pools.

They can be made of vinyl or fiberglass, which are the cheapest and most durable options.

It is still possible to build it in masonry, which brings a much more refined and elegant design.

Masonry projects are more versatile, as the other materials already have a ready-made format, for example.

With this it is possible ramp up the pool of different shapes and sizes, adapting to the space available in the property and various variables made possible by the masonry.

What draws the most attention in the pools is the possibility of decorating them in many ways, due to their deck that is part of the finish.

In this context, landscaping has a strong connection with the decoration of the leisure area, but it is not as simple as it seems.

2- Small:

when the construction is in masonry, the Project is usually more detailed, as the space will need a finish not only on the deck, but also inside the pool.

One of the most used materials is glass inserts, especially for small projects.

These inserts are much more resistant to water and last longer, on average they stay like new for 15 years before the first maintenance.

In small projects, it is common to use a more rustic style coating, which helps to avoid accidents, such as the case of slips on the edges, for example.

The finish can follow the color used in the decoration environment, considering the angle between the edge of the pool and its interior.

3- To give amplitude:

for being a Project smaller it is possible to give a feeling that the space is bigger than it actually looks.

So an amplitude technique can help create this illusion.

This will work for small projects, but works well for larger ones.

The idea is to use different levels of depth in the construction, which will give a feeling that the space has amplitude and is larger, not only in terms of height, but also in terms of width.

Round-shaped constructions are excellent for this, as well as taking up less space than square or rectangular ones, which is an advantage in itself.

This scheme can also be done using steps inside the pool.

In addition, the steps serve as seats for leisure.

Then, the space will be expanded and still gain an item of comfort.

Integration with others rooms of the property, such as a balcony that leads to the living room, for example, also helps to bring that feeling of spaciousness.

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If the available location for the construction demand of a small space, this can be a tip to bring the illusion that it is bigger.

4- For lighting:

Lighting is also part of the decoration of a space and in the case of swimming pools, they are essential for the night.

In this case, you can apply Project an indirect lighting scheme with the use of reflectors, which would face the walls, for example.

5- Water reflection:

It's the color of tile which will define the color that the water will have.

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As it is colorless, this game of colors can be interesting to suit the owner's taste.

Usually, tiles in blue or light green are the most used, which bring the tone considered “natural” and that most pools have.

In the case of blue, it is possible to create different shades from that color.

6- Weather and movement:

Today there are technologies for heating water, allowing the use of space even on days when the weather is cold, but in a light way.

However, there are techniques to make water fresher, without the use of technologies.

The best way is construction close to nature, which will keep the water fresh even on days of intense heat.

This trick also serves for comfort when using the pool, as trees end up forming shadows for those who want to escape the sun.

Another trick is to move the water, which even helps to keep it clean.

For this, it is possible to create a font system that will do this work, in addition to being an interesting item to decoration.

7- Suspended pools:

It is the best option for those who want something more practical and fast in relation to construction.

THE constructions of a suspended pool is easier, since it is not necessary to make space for it in the place where it will be installed.

Another point is the deck, which can also be suspended.

It is a trend among constructions, both for its ease and for giving a more sophisticated air to the environment.

Not necessarily the pool needs to be suspended for the deck to be too, although both are easy to construction, requiring less work and being a faster service.

8- And finally:

Capriche in the pool accessories: sun loungers, mats, tables and umbrellas, they are always welcome.

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