How to decorate an environment?

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How to decorate an environment with the decoration course?

Watch this video below and learn how to decorate residential and commercial spaces now:

Watch the video above for all the information.

This course will suit anyone with the desire to learn decoration and start training and starting in the world of decoration.


With this course, you will have the practical basis to start decorating, whether residential or commercial.

That's right!

With this course you will be able to redecorate your living room, garden, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, etc.

The course is 100% online and all classes are ready. Just sit and study.

In addition, you will get 2 more bonus courses and content, listed below:

  • Free Interior Design Mini-Course
  • Free hand perspective drawing mini course

We have a group to clear doubts with the Teachers by Telegram, directly with the students.

Decorate easy. Simple, fast and objective.

Perfect for you!

decorating course benefits


Learn how to decorate residential and commercial projects.

DECORE FÁCIL is a set of video lessons created just for anyone who would like to learn a new decorator craft and start training and getting started in the world of decoration.

If you simply want to make the best use of this opportunity that came into your life to redecorate a new or older environment, check out this course!

You know those doubts that arise. Like for example:

  • What color to use?
  • How to apply the style I want?
  • What are the correct decor pieces to choose for my living room?

Finally, discover this universe of infinite possibilities in the world of decoration and feel fulfilled with the result!

And all the decoration made by you!

You will be able to decorate your clients' spaces regardless of style, regardless of what fashion says, using composition of materials, textures, at last! Everything that encompasses the concept of decoration for any situation.

The important thing is to emphasize that, regardless of the taste of each one, with this course we will enhance the decoration in the style you want to update.

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The decoration and coatings industry always innovates and presents novelties: so trends will always exist.

And as our student you will be able to enjoy and surf this wave avoiding falling into some traps.

Here, you will learn how to be a decorator:

How about studying for yourself to develop technical skills, to experiment right there in your home, that personalized decoration, your way and the best, made by you!

But after all, how to decorate?

Learn to develop projects that bring visual comfort, warmth, studies of furniture and good quality pieces, decorating harmonious environments adding the quality of life you deserve!


So I look forward to seeing you on our course DECORATE EASY.

Check out.

Decoration course content:

PART 1 — Introduction to decoration

how to decorate a bedroom

In this module we will learn about what it is and what it means to decorate environments and that decoration is not just for those who have money.

It can be done very well by applying basic concepts and making good choices, knowing objects basics that can be replaced without breaking the bank, choosing furniture and decor styles that are timeless, that is, time passes and your furniture is still in fashion.

We will also meet a form to decorate your home using only decoration items, without having to buy any furniture and we will work to understand that we cannot go wrong in the excess of information, so that our decoration does not become chaotic.

Class 1.1 - What is decoration of environments.

Class 1.2 – Decoration is not just for those who have money.

Lesson 1.3 – Excessive visual information. How to work to avoid this.

Lesson 1.4 – What timeless decorations are worth having in home.

Lesson 1.5 - What are the objects are timeless?

Class 1.6 - objects that can be replaced without spending too much.

Lesson 1.7 – Give yours a new face home using only decoration items.

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PART 2 - Theory of decoration

how to decorate scandinavian decor

In this module, we will understand a little and form simple and objective, about theories of decoration and how they can be applied in your space.

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Understanding how to use the ideal colors for your environment, the distribution of furniture, helping in the circulation of the environment and understanding about lighting and how we should use it to create a cozy and suitable space.

We will also know the styles of decoration that exist so that we can make the right choice of style and choose correctly when buying your furniture.

We will learn about the elements that make up the spaces within our houses and learn to draw and measure form our environments to help us choose and size each piece of furniture.

Of that form avoid buying furniture that won't fit in your home.

Knowing all this theory, we avoid unnecessary expenses and avoid spending twice on the decoration of your home.

Class 2.1 - Decoration principles

Class 2.2 - Elements of decoration

Class 2.3 - Distribution of furniture

Lesson 2.4 - What are the ideal colors for your environment

Lesson 2.5 - What is the ideal lighting for environments

Class 2.6 - Composition of space - part 01

Class 2.7 - Composition of space - part 02

Class 2.8 - Decoration Styles

Lesson 2.9 - Measuring spaces

Class 2.10 - Drawing from form basic the environments

PART 3 – Decoration Tips

how to decorate with objects

In this module we will learn about choosing objects to decorate, what are possible to use and which match each environment.

We will also meet some shapes of choice of sofas, curtains, lamps.

Who has never had doubts about the distribution of paintings on the wall?

In this module we will deal with this subject and show several shapes to build your gallery and positioning of the frames.

We'll also show you how to position and size the rugs in the environments and how to choose the colors to match your decor.

Also in this module we will show you some coatings that are available on the market and we will also teach you how to combine woods in your decoration.

Class 3.1 - Choice of objects

Lesson 3.2 - How to use the rugs

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Lesson 3.3 - Getting to know some coatings

Class 3.4 - What types of lamps

Lesson 3.5 - how to lighten dark environments

Class 3.6 - How to distribute the paintings on your wall

Class 3.7 - Combining woods

Class 3.8 - Choice of curtains and blinds

Lesson 3.9 - How to choose yours sofa

PART 4 — How to decorate commercial environments

In this module we will learn about how to decorate a commercial environment or your home office, using the colors applied to walls and furniture and how these colors can influence our daily work.

We will also know some vegetation for indoor areas and their care, we will know the best arts, blinds and lamps for commercial environments.

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how to decorate commercial environments






PART 5 – PRACTICE – How to decorate environments.

how to decorate home environments

In this module we will show room by room how we develop and think about decoration, showing a before and after and the development of the idea of composition and choice of colors, furniture and the necessary combinations to reach the results.

We will use 2 modeling and presentation programs to show each step taken and its result in real time.

Heads up: we do not teach in this course how to use these programs, but the portal has these courses separately. Consult.

Class 5.1 - Examples of environments: Living room.

Class 5.2 - Examples of environments: Bedroom

Class 5.3 - Examples of environments: Home office

Final questions and remarks:

For those who really want to specialize in the area of Interior Design, we have a specific interior design course on the portal.

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