Homes of the Future: Discover the technologies that will rock!

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projects of Houses of the Future: Discover the technologies that will rock in the future!

It is practically impossible to think about Houses of the future and not remember the Jetsons, the futuristic family that lived full of technology.

In fact, we've come a long way in recent years, but we can still go further (and, who knows, reach a more technological level than the Jetsons).

Discover some of the technologies Houses of the future that promise to transform your life and your projects.

Future Homes Projects: Discover the technologies that will rock in the future!

projects of Houses of the Future: Discover the technologies that will rock in the future!

What will the houses of the future look like?

Technology, connectivity and integration

Certainly, the Houses of the future will be watered technology.

After all, we are already completely dependent on it.

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The idea is that the Houses of the future are controlled by devices such as the cell phone.

Some assistants already do simple tasks, like turning the lights off or on, turning on the music, and more.

In the future, the intention is for everything to be connected via Wi-Fi, which means less need for cables and wires everywhere.

With everything connected to the same network, it will be very easy to control the home.

There are applications that schedule cleaning of the pool, for example.

projects of Houses of the Future: Discover the technologies that will rock in the future!

There will be speakers scattered throughout the environments, as well as gadgets that recognize voices and receive commands.

In the bedrooms, there will be mattresses with sleep monitors, smart alarm clocks and closets that allow for better organization of clothes.

Speaking of clothes, they can also be packed with technology, such as changing color, adapting size and providing body temperature data and other information about the wearer and basic tasks like recharging the cell phone.

Of course, the technology will also be spread across the home in the form of robots that do household chores (in the Jetsons' style).

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In fact, many technologies are already available in our Kitchens, such as refrigerators that alert you when doors are closed and make shopping lists, ovens with alerts, touchscreen sensors that activate appliances and more.

projects of Houses of the Future: Discover the technologies that will rock in the future!

It is worth noting that many advanced technological resources are already available in several countries.

In Brazil, they are not yet available or have a very high cost, which makes them unfeasible for most homes.

Technology in decoration

An object can be functional and be part of the decoration simultaneously.

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That's what happens with face-recognition mirrors that help with makeup, give beauty tips, tell the weather forecast and more (Snow White style) and with lamps and curtains that adjust the light intensity.

In the rooms, wallpapers can be replaced by light panels or screens.

In addition, the materials can be sustainable, from recycling, with high durability and multifunctional.

The design of Houses will also change.

Traditional homes and buildings will look more futuristic (like many we've seen around), with more curves and challenging engineering and architecture.

With more technology, it is possible to innovate more and more in design.

houses of the future
projects of Houses of the Future: Discover the technologies that will rock in the future!


Smart homes are increasingly geared towards sustainability and many meet certification requirements.

It is possible to optimize energy and water use and deploy devices with less environmental impact.

There are also materials and technological systems that offer greater thermal comfort for less energy consumption.

In addition to the concern for the environment, these gadgets also contribute to the resident's pocket, since the expense is lower.

At Houses self-sustaining are also not left out of the list of Houses of the future.

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Homes that are able to generate their own energy and have climate control systems that do not use energy are already real and increasingly popular around the world.

Artificial intelligence

It is clear that artificial intelligence will be part of the Houses of the future.

The systems that control smartphones and some household items can control the home fully. It looks like something out of a movie, but it's a future that's not too far away.

houses of the future
projects of Houses of the Future: Discover the technologies that will rock the future!.com


With the home connected, it is possible to have greater control of safety devices.

In fact, these devices are getting better and better, allowing for easier control and, of course, offering greater security for residents.

It is possible to receive notifications on the cell phone, for example, and access the residence via biometrics and facial/retina recognition.

It is worth noting that many homes already use biometric recognition for residents' access and the virtual concierge feature (which can reduce costs).

houses of the future

However, in terms of security Houses of the future, we need to be much more careful.

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When connected, a home becomes more susceptible to attacks that can turn into a nightmare worthy of a thriller movie.

After all, a home controlled by technology can be easily manipulated without proper care.

A network access is enough to terrorize some residents and have confidential information.

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